Pre-congress course speakers

Catarina Eloy

ESDIP President, Ipatimup, Pathologist


Medical Doctor (2003) by the Medical Faculty of The University of Porto with specialization in Pathology since 2011, Catarina Eloy is, since 2013, the Head of the Pathology Laboratory of Ipatimup Diagnostics, and Affiliated Professor at Medical Faculty of University of Porto since 2015.

Researcher since 2006 at the Cancer signaling & metabolism of i3S/Ipatimup, Catarina Eloy has a Ph.D. in Thyroid cancer since 2012 by the Medical Faculty of The University of Porto.

With 70 publications, 3 academic and scientific awards/distinctions, since 2020 Catarina Eloy also serves as President of the European Society for Digital and Integrative Pathology.

Eloy Catarina