ECDP2021 Speaker

David Ameisen

imginIT, Computer Scientist


David Ameisen is a Computer Scientist and a PhD in bioinformatics. His research focuses on the development of automatic image quality assessment algorithms for digital pathology and high-throughput imagery.
During his postdoctoral fellowship at the Laboratory of Informatics and Algorithmics in Paris, David designed and integrated systematic Whole Slide Image sharpness quantification in the FlexMim Digital Pathology workflow comprising 27 pathology laboratories in the Paris region.
In 2017, David co-founded imginIT to develop and distribute patented image quality control solutions for digital pathology and high-throughput imagery.
David is a co-founder of the European ​Society of Digital and Integrative Pathology (ESDIP), co-organizer of the European Congresses on Digital Pathology (ECDP), and is the ESDIP’s Industry Liaison since 2020

Ameisen David