ECDP2021 Speaker

Kurt Zatloukal

Medical University Graz, Pathologist


Kurt Zatloukal, M.D., is Professor of Pathology and head of the Diagnostics and Research Center for Molecular Biomedicine at the Medical University Graz.
His research work focuses on the molecular pathology of metabolic liver diseases and cancer as well as molecular diagnostics.
He is working on the development of biobanking-related technologies and machine learning approaches for digital pathology.
He coordinated the preparatory phase of the European biobanking and biomolecular research infrastructure (BBMRI) and is now director of its Austrian national node. In this context solutions have been developed for providing access to quality controlled human biological samples and medical data for research and innovation. He is member of the scientific board for genetic testing and human gene therapy at the Austrian Ministry of Health, and member of the Austrian Standards Institute, as well as CEN and ISO technical committees being involved in the development of a series of standards related to molecular diagnostics and in-situ detection techniques with special emphasis on needs of digital pathology.

Zatloukal Kurt