ECDP2021 Speaker

Roberto Salgado

Peter Mac Callum Cancer Center, Pathologist


Dr. Roberto Salgado is board certified in Anatomical Pathology since 2006 and works as an Anatomic Pathologist in Antwerp, Belgium.
He's Honorary Research Associate at the Division of Research at the Peter Mac Callum Cancer Center, Melbourne, Australia, as well as being part of the Tracer-X Consortium aiming at deciphering the clonal evolutional pressures in lung and renal cancer (
Currently, he's co-chairing with Sherene Loi, Peter Mac Callum Cancer Center, Melbourne, Australia, and Carsten Denkert, University of Marburg, Germany, an International Consortium of Pathologists, namely the "International Immuno-Oncology Biomarkers Working Group" ( that develops guidelines for the assessment of Immuno-Oncological Biomarkers in cancer. This Working Group is a pathologist-driven group, with >500 pathologists on board, from 42 countries.
This Working Group aims to develop guidelines and tools to help pathologists implement TILs in daily and clinical trial practices, publishing 10 manuscripts over the past 5 years.
His strategic views on Oncology have been published in major international high impact factor journals such as Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery and Lancet Oncology. Research work has been published in Nature, The Lancet Oncology, Journal of Clinical Oncology, Nature Medicine.
Finally, he's member of the WHO Editorial Board of the WHO Classification of Breast Tumours, 5th edition.

Salgado Roberto